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145 x 57 x 43 cm

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Curio Centre macram� swing chair with square cushion for Home and also for Balcony is crafted to the highest quality. This hanging swing for the room is a great addition to the kids' room, toy room, balcony, or garden. Use as a cool swing chair for bedroom or outdoor. Makes a great hanging outdoor swing chair in a garden tree. This swing for the home swing can easily be removed and relocated from indoor rooms to an outdoor balcony. Some people like to hang it in the yard in the winter, enjoy the warm touch of the sun, and then put it on the front porch to listen to the rain when the rain falls in the spring. On a cold night, put it in front of the fireplace, drink a cup of hot tea, and remember the past. So sit down, in this quiet time, and let your troubles disappear with a gently rocking chair. This outdoor swing chair and indoor swing chair are sold with everything needed for easy setup. SIZE - The macram� swing has a maximum weight of 100 Kgs. The Swing chair is made of 100% cotton macram� rope and a wooden frame. ACCESSORIES INCLUDED - A full stainless steel hanging kit is included with your hanging swing chair- 2 S Hooks, 1 Rod and 1 Chain. The patio hanging chair can be hung from indoor ceilings, hammock stands, or trees in a traditional swing style. Two Suspension Methods: Swing style - can swing back and forth, if you like this style, you need two anchor points in the installation. 360-degree rotation, if you like this style, you only need one anchor point in the installation.

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Material - Cotton

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